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10 of my Best 2016

We have just celebrated the start of a New Year and said farewell to 2016. Last year was a sad one, as we lost some amazing people. Artists, musicians and actors who have inspired me with their passion and genius. To be quite honest, it has made me look at life a bit differently. I grew up listening to David Bowie in the 70’s, I’m in awe of Bowie’s life work.. I heard Leonard Cohen’s Dance me to the End of Love playing in a film recently. His haunting lyrics resonates with me.. Their work is both spiritual and timeless. So looking back at my favourite images just reminds me I am on a journey, its not the strength of one song that made them great, it was that they kept creating. Decades of music.. A body of work.

These are my favourite images from my hometown Brisbane Australia, my recent travels to Tokyo, Kyoto and to the USA. I enjoy capturing people while they sleep and our common humanity.

Eyes Wide Shut. Tokyo 2016.


Kabukicho. Tokyo 2016.


Running Girl. Kyoto 2016


The Mask. Kyoto 2016.


Colour and Motion. Kyoto 2016.


So Tired. Tokyo 2016


The Gentleman from Memphis


Royal Street. New Orleans 2016.


The Gesture. New Orleans 2016.
To Sleep Perchance to Dream. Brisbane 2016

Thank you for all your kind support throughout the year. I have just one resolution for 2017, that is to be MYSELF… I have added a couple more images to the gallery if you wish to view them click here or on any of the above photos.  T



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