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Looking for Texture

“Memory is quite central for me. Part of it, is that I like the actual texture of writing through memory…” ― Kazuo Ishiguro

Looking at images can trigger memories and emotions, so when processing an image and later writing about it I look for how I felt, rather than what I saw.

Now, more about the element of Texture.. Photography itself is a two dimensional medium, we experience it on a piece of paper or a screen. When out at street, I look for texture to add depth and the illusion of dimension to an image. It is not just about the subject or backdrop, it is also about the lighting. Side lighting when the shadows are long add more texture to an image. It makes us feel that we could almost reach out and touch it. So when looking for objects that will add texture to an image, I seek out leaves, cobblestones and textured walls. The texture can also tell a story, it might be about decay, abandonment or neglect or even the history of a place. You just need to look at the lines on an older persons face to see whether they laugh or frown more often.

I enjoyed the history of Rome and its people, it has so much character. This man gave me a smile as he walked by. However, this image feels more about isolation, his shadow is his companion.  The wall looks to be in disrepair and suffering under the ravages of time, which may appear to be echoed in my subject.

This wall was such a great backdrop, the combination of the moss, the peeling paint and graffiti gives it a definite feeling of neglect, the cobble stones appear sunken and uneven. My subject is well dressed and provides contrast to this scene.

The side lighting and shadows across the brickwork and cobblestones, add texture and pattern to this image.. The boy here was doing a silly walk which still makes me smile.

Again the challenge is to make the image unique, so I am looking for interesting subjects, backdrops and viewpoints. Texture is quite powerful when used well, it is worth looking for texture when out at street and of course the more you look for texture the more you will find. T

Any Thoughts?

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