“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ― J.K. Rowling

This year has been remarkable in many ways. I was honoured to be nominated then voted into The 20 most influential Street Photographers for 2017 by Streethunter.net readers and friends. I decided there and then that I wanted to live up to this title.

In February, my Finding your Vision Mentorship was launched on G+, it is an 8 week program specifically designed for Street Photographers.  We had 25 participants who achieved some outstanding results, there were both new and experienced photographers in this genre. A special thanks to my support team of mentors. What I learnt, is to celebrate your differences, see how your work is different to every other photographer, then do more of this.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to follow my passion to shoot street, so was travelling over 9 weeks of the year.  In May, I traveled to 7 cities in 13 nights.  Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. In October, I traveled to 10 cities in 19 nights a round trip from New York to New York, including Boston, Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Lancaster, Washington DC and Philadelphia.  I’ve met fellow photographers from G+ and they have shown me their cities, becoming real life friendships.

We have started new initiatives in our TOP STREET page and Street Photographers Community on G+. Our Interviews of a Street Photographer Collection we have interviewed over 44 photographers from all over the world and promoted the work of over 250 street photographers.

Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to continue to find my Vision which I believe is still evolving. Three words that describes my style, Balance, Simplification and Idealization.

As always I have too many favourites, so I’d like to share 15 of my favourite images with you from 2017. What I’ve learnt this year, do what you love, follow your dreams, be present in the moment and have some fun along the way.


The Round Tower – Copenhagen


Cut out figures – Tallinn


Galerii – Tallinn


The Old Town – Tallinn.


Black Dog – Berlin


Peterhof’s Palace Gardens – St Petersberg


The Cleaner – St Petersburg


The Street Cleaner – Stockholm


Stockholm – Old Town


Early Morning – New York


Reflections of New York City


The Journey will Change You – New York


Harvard University – Boston


The Rideau Canal – Ottawa Locks


Grand Central Station – New York



Happy New Year. Wishing you all good light for 2018.


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  1. Great work Teresa, love the b&w, I have been shooting mainly non-people images but may do a bit of city work. Thanks for sharing, strong work.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Martin. I look forward to seeing your work.

      1. I like your work it is very good I will keep my eye out for your work in the future

  2. Stockholm ‘The Street Cleaner’ next ‘Old Town’ love them both

    1. Thanks Jenny, I have so many favourites it was so hard to choose. ;))

  3. Wow. I follow you on FB, Instagram and blog, and have seen most all of these images before. But when compiled in a series, it is a feast for the eyes; at least my eyes anyway. Terrific work!!! Looking forward to your coming year’s images. May 2018 be your best ever; personally and professionally.

    1. Thank you Michael, your kind words and support is always greatly appreciated. It is good to look back and reflect on how our work has evolved over the year.

  4. Awesome images.Love “the cleaner”

    1. Thanks Kerry, that one always makes me smile ;))

  5. A well-written blog Teresa and a wonderful collection of your best for 2017. You have covered a lot of km this year through so many different cities and cultures and these journeys have produced some incredible images. My favourites are The Old Town, Street Cleaner and Peterhoff’s Palace Gardens. Congratulations on a very successful year and thanks for sharing your passion with us. 👏

  6. Wow, you are able to capture ordinary moments in time n make them extra ordinary. I m looking forward to your work in 2018.

    1. Thanks Christine it is so kind of you to say so. I’m looking forward to seeing where 2018 takes me too ;))

  7. A great set of Photos. Ansel Adams stated that 12 great photos a year was a good catch. I have loved looking at your photos in 2017. Have a great New Year my friend and see you in 2018.

    1. Thanks so much Chris, are you doing a similar post this year, I’m sure you’d have a difficult time choosing as well. Loving your work from India. 😉

  8. Fantastic looking back st your Visions! Thanks for always sharing with us here in Social Platforms your images are so inspiring! Best to you in the up coming year!

    1. Thank you Kim it’s so kind of you to take time to comment. Best to you for 2018.

  9. Teresa,
    Vous avez dû avoir des difficultés pour choisir vos 10 meilleurs parce-qu’ils sont beaucoup plus nombreux. Continuez à nous enchanter comme une magicienne l’année prochaine. Ce sont mes Voeux et TOUT ce que vous souhaitez. Merci infiniment Teresa et bon réveillon.

    1. Thank you dear friend for your kind words and all your support throughout the year. Happy New Year to you and wishing you good light. I like your Magician analogy. 😉

  10. I loved each one of these pictures when I first saw them, and I really enjoy seeing the compilation here – wonderful work, Teresa! “Stockholm – Old Town” and “Reflections of New York City” certainly are among my absolute fovourites.
    I’m most grateful for having had the opportunity to take part in your excellent mentorship program, and am really looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work in 2018! May it be a good, and a successful year for you! Best wishes!

  11. […] 2017. Captured as part of Finding Your Vision: exploring Street Photography with Teresa Pilcher. Take a moment to click on this link and scroll down to one of my favourites images on […]

    1. Thank you Diana ;))

  12. Wonderful Work!

    1. Thanks so much Craig ;))

  13. Great work Teresa!

  14. Black and white photography is a art and the only reality ! I love it !

    1. Thank you for your kind words ;))

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