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Looking for Layers

“The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.” ― J.K. Rowling.

Street Photography is at its best when it challenges us to look at things differently. I am always looking for Layers, when I am out at Street .. Layers can be achieved by the use of various elements and when combined can produce a compelling image.. The simplest ways to achieve layers of course is overlapping elements. You can see physical layers at street in graffiti or on a torn posters on a billboard, lighting at an angle to the wall will create texture. Overlapping elements can also be structural or architectural, and often uses shadow and light to create depth. Reflections are another element that can add Layers. Windows and Mirrors are the most common source but you will see reflections in puddles of water that can produce subtle and often fragmented reflections.

This image was taken waiting in an airport which is a great location because of all the windows and light.

This image was taken in Paris, I enjoy the extra dimension of the street added to the image with the reflection.  It is all about seeing these layers when you are out at street, then introducing them into your images. Start off with simple ideas and slowly add to the complexity of the image by adding multiple elements. There is no exact formula for success and often it is about trial and error. Cafe goers make excellent subjects as they look out at the street, reflections can be captured from the interior or exterior perspective. You can be discrete or you can wait for eye contact. If you enjoy Street Portraiture reflective sunglasses are another excellent way to add layers.

This is my favourite layered image as it has many overlapping elements, it looks through two windows and has reflections from multiple angles. The chairs add an interesting motif. The two people walking past on two different  streets and the echo of the umbrella was pure serendipity.

For me it is all about the nuances and mystery. I really enjoy it if my images stop people and they take some time to explore it. I feel like I have achieved my goal, to look at the world a bit differently.


Do you enjoy work with reflections?

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