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10 of my Best for 2015

Well it is that time of the year when you look back at all the images captured in the past 12 months. I must say it really is quite a difficult task to narrow it down to just 10 images without being influenced by which images were well received. Now I am probably not alone, but I always feel like the last images I have taken are my best. This isn’t always exactly true but these are perhaps the most experimental or interesting images, in which I have tried to add some layering and complexities that I have not previously seen in my work. This is a collection from my last trip to Rome in October 2015 that are perhaps not my best but indeed are some of my favourite or defining images because they are signposts to the direction that I am heading.


Stepping out of the Shadows. Rome 2015


A Dark Reflection. Rome 2015


Eclipsed. Rome 2015


Echoes of the Past. Rome 2015


A Window within a Window. Rome 2015


Running Man. Rome 2015


Modern Love. Rome 2015


Adding Perspective. Rome 2015


Connected. Rome 2015
The Observer Observed.


This has been such an exciting year in which I have had the good fortune to travel to both Paris and Rome, I have had the added pleasure to have met some wonderful people/photographers and made some life long friends both in person  and via Google+. A big Thank you for all your support over the past year, particularly over the last two weeks since I launched my Website and published my very first Blog. I’m looking forward to another year of amazing images from all my friends at Street. A Happy and Productive New Year to you and wishing you all Good Light.

Cheers T

Where are you travelling next? Close to home or some exotic location??

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