This week I have the pleasure of talking with Paul Griffiths, on his program Photography: Live and Uncut. For the uninitiated, Paul aka ‘Griffo’ does a weekly Podcast on G+, where he talks to many well-known guests about “all things Photographic” as well as a regular Q&A. His show is recorded and later shared to iTunes and You Tube.

Even though we live on opposite sides of the globe, we do share a few common interests and passions. Paul is an avid Street Photographer based in the UK, where he hosts photo walks with his fellow podcast listeners.  We first became connected through The Arcanum– The Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery,  where he studied under Valerie Jardin in her Street Photography Cohort, (it’s a bit like Hogwarts, in case you were wondering!). Paul is also a big fan of the Fuji Mirror-less system and promotes the One Camera One Lens ideology. Paul also has done some workshops on his show covering the technical aspects of different camera systems and tips and tricks for street photographers. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his show, take a look this week at Photography: Live and Uncut. @ 8pm April 7th BST (London time). We will be taking a look at my website, discussing my favourite photographers, my inspirations and much, much more. Hope you will all join me then as I become one of the Pod People.


Here is the link to the show

Inspired by Escher.


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