This image is titled ‘Out of the Spotlight’. It’s interesting to note that this is one of my most successful images from Rome. I have often wondered why one image resonates with people more than another.

Out of the Spotlight. Rome.

When I first saw this street performer I saw a potential for capturing her with the sun directly behind her, there was some great shadow play, I captured a few images but it was not exactly what I had in mind. I continued a short distance down along the Via del Corso. Something drew me back to her, I knew I wasn’t finished. So I doubled back and took my shadow images, she was focused on playing her Cello now, I could relax and get my shot. When I crossed the street a second time I saw this scene. An air of melancholy surrounded her, her music was both beautiful and haunting, it felt like she was on the stage just out of the spotlight, just playing for herself. I was so happy that the crowds parted right at this moment.

In this image I loved the suggestion of the spotlight and instantly I had made up my own story. Now, I always prefer for others to have their own interpretation, but the title gives you an idea of mine. I felt that she was an accomplished performer and could be on a stage in a beautiful concert hall, in any city in the world, but instead she was here making her living playing against this gritty backdrop, albeit for small change. I believe that the combination of the light and texture on the wall, the composition and the emotion captured are the elements that resonate with others.

The Via del Corso can be a challenging location to isolate your subject, because of all the pedestrian traffic, it can seem quite chaotic, but it has some great backdrops and characters.


Any thoughts?

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